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School Building

Nagoya SKY Japanese language school

Location: 13-22, 1-chome Shinsakae, Naka-ward, Nagoya city, Aichi Prefecture


Working hours: Monday to Friday (9 am - 5:30 pm)
Holidays: Weekend (Sat./ Sun.) National holidays


Numbers of classrooms: 7 rooms

Capacity: approx. 20 students per room

Classes are coordinated based on each student's Japanese proficiency. Due to this small group class system, teachers are able to teach students one on one inside class which is a great advantage to students in absorbing skills and knowledges in short period of time.

Student Lounge

Nagoya SKY Japanese language school has open lounges for students.

Students are able to review their studies, communicate with classmates, read books, eat snacks etc. at the lounges

Also, students can access to useful information regarding admissions to Universities, Vocational schools etc. School bulletin boards are accessible in each floor.

Lifestyle information brochures, flyers are also available to students.

Student counseling lounge

This area is designated to coach and advise students about  their school lives and admission to Universities and Vocational schools.

Class advisors, homeroom teachers, headteachers will be consulting each students one-on-one when students needs support.

Other facilities

Faculty room/ Reception

Faculty room and reception is located in the 2nd floor of the school.

This area is where students and teachers communicate directly

Students can also access to their school records, visa information and issue certificates in the reception.


Our school provides books which students can rent.

Aside from Japanese language textbooks, we also have books such history articles and Mangas.

Meeting Room

Preparation class for JLPT and EJU examinations

Our school provides preparation classes for students who are facing the JLPT and EJU examinations.

Classes are coordinated based on the proficiency levels of the students.

Field Trip

Nagoya SKY Japanese language schools have special programs and events for students.

Our school coordinates field trips 4 times a year for students.

Nagoya castle tripiMayj
Summer field tripiEnd of Julyj
Fall field tripiEnd of Novemberj
Graduation tripiExclusive for graduatesj

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