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財団法人 日本語教育振興協会 認定校
名 古 屋 SKY 日 本 語 学 校
Nagoya SkyJapanese


Our School

Nagoya SKY Japanese Language school is located in Shin-Sakae area in the Naka ward, which is the heart of Nagoya city.Nagoya city is the third largest urban city located in the centre of Japan. It is about halfway between Tokyo and Osaka, and is also one of a famous education area in which many schools are located.
It is dotted with historical spots cultural assets.
There are many useful sites around out school such as a library and an art museum- it is ideal environment for study.
Moreover, Shin-Sakae is a very urban area. You can walk from our school to the supermarket, many convenience stores, big department stores, a general hospital, ward office, and so on. It takes only a few minutes on foot.

Educational Policy
Nagoya SKY cultivate international friendship people through the Japanese education. It is not easy to get foreign language skills. The most important thing is the student's effort for the ambition and motive. Nagoya SKY supports students who aim to improve their carrer with Japanese language.

Specialised Lessons For JLPT And EJU Exams

We have specialised lessons for preparation for JLPT and EJU exam in the general Japanese lessons.
Our Exellent Teachers
All the teachers in Nagoya SKY meet the standard required byThe Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education and have knowledge and skills. The teachers have enough career to teach therfore students can learn Japanese efficiently.

An expert teacher takes charge of each class.Each student's level and working command of Japanese is checked individually, then educational guidance is matched with the student's capability.
Student advisors who are fluent in foreign languages counsel students' several problems. If you have any problems or can't communicate in Japanese, the teacher and the student advisors help you.

Lessons for students' indivisual Japanese level
We investigate the students' Japanese level to arrange their class with the test and the interview before the new semester starts. Therefore students can improve their language skills comfortablly.
Extra Lessons
We hold various events such as a speech competition, a calligraphy convention, visits to a companies and universities, and school trips to experience Japanese culture.


Terms                     Entrance           Deadline of application
Two year course                   April              The end of September 
One year and nine month course      July             The mid of February
One year and six month course     October            The mid of April
One year and three month course    January            The mis of August


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