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Recent events

☛ Nagoya castle field trip: May 28, 2019 (Freshmen students)
☛Summer school 1-day field trip (Click
HERE to access)

Autumn school 1-day field trip (Click HERE to access)

-Outdoor school activities-

In regards to school activities, the following school activities are cancelled:

‣Nagoya castle field trip
‣Summer field trip
‣Autumn field trip

Graduation trip (graduating students) will be on hold until the coronavirus is settled.

Notification board

ySchool initiatives to avoid COVID-19zNEW

Starting from 6th of July, in-person classes will be resumed. To avoid widespread of virus inside the facilities, we require all school staffs and students to wear face masks (surgical masks). In addition, all students must go through thermometry before entering school facilities and attending classes.
*Students with temperature higher than 37.5 will be advice to go under home quarantine.

Disinfection of all classrooms and school supplies, mandatory use of face masks (surgical masks) to all students and staffs.

y2020 freshmen schedulezNEW

Currently, due to limitation of border entries, class for freshmens are continuously delayed. However, we will be rescheduling and revise the school curriculum by following the guidelines provided by the Japan's government (Ministry of Education (Mext), Minisitry of foreign affairs (MOFA) and Ministry of Justice (MOJ)).

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