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yClass schedulesz

Operating day:  Monday to Friday

Morning classes: 9 am to 12:50 pm
Afternoon classes: 1:10 pm to 5 pm

Closing day:
Weekends and holidays

yFaculty roomz
Location: 2nd floor

Reception: Student counceling, Admission inquiries, JLPT, EJU application and payments etc.

Closing day: Weekends and holidays

yClass roomsz

✔ Each class rooms capacity is up to 20 students.
Due to small capacity, each students can consult to the teachers and learn effectively compared to a large capacity classes.

✔ Each class rooms are divided into various levels based on student's proficiency levels. (*Placement tests are conducted on the enroll day.)




yStudents' loungez

Lounges are designated for student's free space. We also provide information of University, Vocational school's admissions, school events and public events in the lounge.

yCounseling spacez

Counseling space is mainly used for student counselings and admission counselings for higher institutes.









Our school has various storage of books that are rentable.

Selections: JLPT, EJU prep-books, local books, Manga books etc.

Recent events

☛ Nagoya castle field trip: May 28, 2019 (Freshmen students)
☛Summer school 1-day field trip (Click
HERE to access)

Autumn school 1-day field trip (Click HERE to access)NEW

Upcoming events

✔Applications for July 2020 intake are now open.NEW


 April 2020th admission application are now closed.

NEW 2019th holidays closing notice
Nagoya SKY Japanese language school will be closed during the following dates:

[Holidays] December 28, 2019 until January 5, 2020
[Opening day] Will be operating starting from January 8, 2020

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