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Qualifications for the applicant: 1.The applicant should have finished 12-year education or reach the relevant educational level in your home country. 2.The applicant should have a proper purpose of study of Japanese and a detailed plan after they graduate from the Japanese language school. Also there is no difficulty in their financial situation. 3.The applicant should have studied Japanese more than 150 hours and passed the 5th level of Japanese Level Test.

School Hours: From Mondays to Fridays ( 5 days a week ) Morning class:@@@@ 09:00 to 12:50 Afternoon class:@@@13:10 to 17:00Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and school holidays

Tuitions Fee and Expenses: Application fee @@ @@20,000 yen Registration fee @@@@50,000 yen Tuition for one year@ 630,000 yen Other expenses @@@@40,000 yeniincluding textbooks,  medical check-up etc.)

The Period Of ApplicationF The deadline for the application:

The application period will vary depending on the selected course. Please click HERE for detailed information.

Will be closed recruiting once the applicants reach our capacity.
How To Apply:Applications from abroad: Screenings will be consisting, document screenings (Academic background, personal background, Japanese language education, Financial capability etc.), interviews (via SKYPE) and paper based examinations. Domestic applications (VISA holders or residents): Screenings will consist paper based examinations and interviews. The results will be informed to the applicants after the admission screenings (2 to 3 working days).Process for ApplicationF 1. Applicants must provide required documents for admissions (Refer to the application form PDF). 2. After the document screenings, the applicants will be arranged for interview screenings. The results will be provided to the applicants after the screening process. 3. After the school provides a permit of admission to the applicant, necessary documents must be send or shipped to the school for the COE application.@ 4. Once the Nagoya immigration bureau issues the Certificate Of Eligibility, the applicants must pay the Application fees, registration fees, tuition fees and other expenses to Nagoya SKY Japanese language school. After our school receives the fees, the school will send The Certificate Of Eligibility to the applicants immediately.@@@ 5. Applicants who are applying from abroad must visit the local Japan embassy or consulate for VISA applications. @ Necessary DocumentsF (Please ship the provided documents mentioned below after the screenings.)1. Your resume (specified by our school)2. Curriculum Vitae 3. Recent edcucation's graduation diploma along with the transcript of record

4. Certificate of Japanese study. (Applicants must complete at least 150 hourse Japanese language intensive course)
5. Certificate of health (specified by Nagoya SKY)
6. Identification certificate or Passport photocopy 7.  4.0x3.0cm sized photo (taken within three months (5 pieces)) 8. Documents regarding the ability of paying for the student's tuition and expenses at Nagoya SKY by your guarantor in your country or in Japan.`. Guarantor in the own country pays the feesThe bank balance certificate and the copied passbook of the guarantor.The occupation certificate, annual income certificate and the tax certificate. (with stamp and signature) The relationship certificate with the applicant The statement of financial support document. B.@Guarantor in Japan pays the feesThe occupation certificate The income certificate for three years The bank balance certificate of the guarantor.The relationship certificate with the applicant The statement of financial support document.
9. The certificate of the relationship between you and the payer

1.All the documents are required the Japanese translation.
Q.The submitted documents would not be returned except the original documents.

R.The copied documents are required the date of copy, the name of editor and the relationship between the editor and the applicant on the blank space.

yStudy abroad agencies and language schools who are applying to our school for the first timez

We may request for an official certificates or registeration letter copy mentioned below from agencies and schools.

yStudy abroad agency permits, Business certificates, Permit/ Certificate issued from the Department of Education etc.z

The above mentioned permits will be used as a reference in COE application.

NOTE: Application requests from agencies or schools which are currently under strict observation of the Japan Embassy or Consulate, might not be able to apply to our school in certain reasons.



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