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 AHAMED ZAHIR(アフマッド・ザヒル)
(From Bangradesh, Tokyo Institute Of Technology Graduate School of
Decision Science and Technology, Department of Value and Decision Science)

A Dream Come True
Coming to Japan was a dream come true. It was a great and easy decision to study abroad in Japan when I think about its unique characteristics-the food, the culture, its history, people, and high social morale. With the belief and carry on my higher study ambition I came in Japan in May 2006. I began studying Japanese at SKY Japanese Language School and I appreciate the fact that courses are mainly offered in Japanese and sometimes in English. The students and the administrative staff at SKY are very kind, helpful and friendly. They welcomed me so cordially from the very first day and accompanied my exciting journey through the Japanese world until the very last day. I have learned so much, not only about language, its culture, and people but also about myself. At the end of my study with SKY in 2007, the staffs and teachers are guided me to find my next school NUCB for studying MBA. Being a student at NUCB is an unrepeatable chance for me to study at a real business school where lessons are fitted with my vocational scheme. I am very grateful to SKY for this extraordinary experience and all co-operations. I'm fascinated by this country and I really enjoyed living in Nagoya. Now I enrolled as a doctoral student of Tokyo Institute of Technology in the department of Value of and Decision Science with the major of “Organization & Human Resource Management in Servitization of Business”.

Ahamed Zahir, Bangladesh










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