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Most Outsanding Student award of the year

Nagono Fukushi Shika Iryo Senmon School

(From Manila, Philippines)

  Since when I was in high school, I love watching J-drama, anime and listening some J-rock music. That is how me and my siblings’ bond together. So, having an opportunity to study Japanese language in Japan is such a blessing.

2 years of studying Nihongo in SKY Japanese language school is such a great experience. Even though I am the only Filipino in class that reason does not hinder me from enjoying the class. I have been able to meet new friends from different countries especially Vietnam and Nepal. We were able to communicate with each other. From speaking with our broken Nihongo until we are very comfortable from using it. I noticed a positive progress and that is enjoyable to see.

And of course, that is with the help of our teachers. We are very grateful to our teachers in SKY for guiding us not just about school but also in our everyday life. Senmon school is about to start and I will do my best to use all the things I have learned from SKY and will look forward in the next step of my life with confidence.



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